PhD Candidates on the Job Market

Meghan Ballard

1. Dissertation Title: "Language Access in the Criminal Legal System: The Bureaucratic Interpretation, Organizational Construction, and Administrative Enforcement of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964"

2. Dissertation Committee: Mona Lynch (Chair), Bryan L. Sykes (Cornell University), Shauhin Talesh (UCI Law)

3. Research Interests: Law & Society, Access to Justice, Race & Justice, Civil Rights, Language Rights, Inequality/Social Stratification, Criminology, Research Methodology

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Matt Barno

1. Dissertation Title: "Understanding Police Reform: A Case Study of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)"

2. Dissertation Committee: Mona Lynch (Chair), Kirk Williams, Richard McCleary

3. Research Interests: Criminal Justice Policy, Program Evaluation, Policing, Organizational Cultures, Criminal Law/Criminal Procedure

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Margaret Goldman

1. Dissertation Title: "Freeing Los Angeles: Un/forgotten Spaces and Abolitionist Education in the Carceral-Education Landscape"

2. Dissertation Committee: Nancy Rodriguez (Chair), Susan Coutin, Sabina Vaught (University of Pittsburgh, Education)

3. Research Interests: Schools and Prisons; Race, Gender and Carcerality; Juvenile Justice; Youth and Family Criminalization; Legal Decision-Making; Anti-Carceral Feminisms; Abolition; Critical Criminology; Community-Based Research

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Jordan Grasso

1. Dissertation Title: “Queering Law and Safety: Opportunities for Change and Transformation in Queer Spaces”

2. Dissertation Committee: Ana Muñiz (Chair), Swethaa Ballakrishnen (Law), Elliott Currie, Chris Seeds, and Jeanne Scheper (Gender and Sexuality Studies)

3. Research Interests: queer safety, abolition, policing, police militarization, legal pluralism, critical criminology, securitization, pedagogy and university teaching

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Ekaterina Moiseeva

1. Dissertation Title: "Cannabis Legalization in California Cities: A Critical View on Socio-Legal Change"

2. Dissertation Committee: Christopher Seeds (chair), Swethaa Ballakrishnen, Mona Lynch

3. Research Interests: Critical Theory, Legalization, Social Change, Economic Sociology, Law and Inequality, Market Regulation, Mixed Methods

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Anthony Triola

1. Dissertation Title: "Reasonably Unreasonable": Critically Engaging the Limits of Legal Rationality as it Relates to State Violence

2. Dissertation Committee: Sora Han (Chair), Keramet Reiter, Ana Muñiz

3. Research Interests: Critical Theory, Legal Reasonableness, State Sanctioned Violence, Police Culture, Criminological Theory

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