Postdoctoral Scholars


Current Postdoctoral Scholars

Irene Vega - CLS Chancellor's Postdoc
PhD, Sociology, UC Los Angeles
Specializations: Intersection of immigration and crime control, law enforcement culture, racial group formation, social control bureaucracies

Stefan Vogler - UCI Chancellor's Advance Postdoc
PhD, Sociology, Northwestern University
Specializations: Law and crime, gender, sexuality, science and technology, immigration, culture, political sociology.


Past Postdoctoral Scholars

UC President's Postdoc UCI CLS Chancellor's Postdoc UCI Chancellor's Advance Postdoc
Caitlin Patler 14-15, 15-16
Mentor: S. Coutin
Irene Vega 17-18, 18-19
Mentor: 17-18 G. Ward. 18-19 V. Jenness
Stefan Vogler 18-19
Mentor: V. Jenness
  Angela Fillingim 15-16, 16-17
Mentor: S. Coutin
Sandra Harvey 17-18
Mentor: S. Han
    Lee Cabatingan 15-16, 16-17
Mentor: M. Lynch