Postdoctoral Scholars


Current Postdoctoral Scholars

Jessica Lopez Espino - UC President's Postdoc
Ph.D.New York University
Specializations: Law and society, law and language, Latinxs in the US, processes of racialization, child welfare, bureaucracy and evidence


Past Postdoctoral Scholars

UC President's Postdoc UCI CLS Chancellor's Postdoc UCI Chancellor's Advance Postdoc

Kira Tait 21-22
Mentor: M. Lynch

Caitlin Patler 14-15, 15-16
Mentor: S. Coutin
Lillian Jungleib, 19-20, 20-21
Mentor: V. Jenness
Stefan Vogler 18-19
Mentor: V. Jenness
  Irene Vega 17-18, 18-19
Mentor: 17-18 G. Ward. 18-19 V. Jenness
Sandra Harvey 17-18
Mentor: S. Han
  Angela Fillingim 15-16, 16-17
Mentor: S. Coutin
Lee Cabatingan 15-16, 16-17
Mentor: M. Lynch