Gil Geis Undergraduate Award ( $1000)

The Gilbert Geis Undergraduate Research Award was inspired by Professor Gilbert Geis. Professor Geis taught in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society from 1970-1987. He was one of the world's leading criminologists. His contributions to General Criminological Theory are well documented. This award has been established due to the generosity of a former student of Professor Geis, a Social Ecology alumnus who was inspired by Professor Geis' research and teaching. The alumnus established this award to encourage and support undergraduate students who are involved in research related to Criminology, Law and Society.

Year Undergraduate Awardee
2023 Sofia Yung Ma
2022 Wei Huang
2021 Not awarded
2020 Not awarded
2019 Jasmine Guadalupe Morales
2018 Natasha Bailey
2017 Sonya Tillman
2016 Braelyn Havig
2015 Sabina Goldstein & Kaitlin Kalisvaart
2014 None awarded
2013 Diana Sun & Emmanuelle Chandler
2012 Fredericka Ong
2011 Albert Novelozco
2010 Victoria Suarez
2009 Reveka Shteynberg
2008 Kirstin Morgan
2007 None awarded
2006 Mei-Ling Malone & Sarah Vidal
2005 Angel Chi Chuang
2004 Taline Kizirian
2003 Karrie Casada
2002 Dan Yates