CLS Doctoral Student Peer Mentoring Award (Currently $200)

The Peer Mentoring Award is a peer-nominated award, presented annually to the doctoral student who has demonstrated outstanding peer mentoring-- a term defined broadly through such avenues as service, research, ethics, and/or role-modeling. The purpose of this award is to enable graduate students to recognize graduate student excellence in such facets of student life and work that benefit graduate students and the CLS program. Examples would include outstanding mentoring of a younger cohort by an older graduate student, extraordinary research assistance given by one student to others, work done by a graduate student for the betterment of the CLS graduate student body, or fostering diversity and access for all graduate students. This award is meant to complement rather than duplicate areas of achievement already recognized through faculty - administered departmental awards.

Any doctoral student in good standing with the CLS Department during any quarter of the academic year is eligible for this award.  

Nomination Process
Nominations should be submitted by doctoral students to the Student Award Committee by Friday, May 27. Nominators should contextualize their support for their nominee in a manner consistent with the award purpose in a letter not to exceed one single-spaced page. Self-nominations will not be accepted. Should a Student Award Committee member be nominated, s/he will be automatically recused from Committee duty. Otherwise, individuals will not be notified of their nomination.

Award Determination
A committee of 3-5 doctoral students will review nominations and decide on the most deserving nominee. The CLS Graduate Representative(s) are automatic members of the Committee, and the rest of the committee will optimally comprise volunteers representing different cohorts.

Award Amount:  While the goal for the Peer Mentoring Award is to match other departmental awards of $500, this is not immediately realistic.




2020 Alex Aguirre
2019 Courtney Echols
2018 LaBreonna Bland & Amanda Petersen


Nicholas Branic


Amy Magnus


Melissa Barragan


Julie Gerlinger


Jasmine Montgomery & Analicia Mejia Mesinas


Matt Valasik


Rita Shah