AB 109 debate reignites after police say Whittier officer slain by parolee

February 2017

Charis Kubrin and Carroll Seron, Professors of Criminology, Law and Society, are featured in KABC-TV Los Angeles for their research on AB 109. Their research is the first and only systematic evaluation of AB 109, compiled of a series of papers which looks at crime data and statistics across the state before and after the implementation of AB 109. Citing research and many other factors, Kubrin cautions against drawing too many conclusions connecting criminal justice reform and crime without evidence in light of the recent statements Whittier Police Chief Jeff Piper noted about the effects of the recent criminal justice reform.

From KABC-TV Los Angeles:

"Realignment had absolutely no impact on violent crime whatsoever," Kubrin said.

Kubrin's other major finding showed that counties that put more money toward programs and rehabilitation see much lower recidivism rates than those that don't. She said her research shows that more work needs to be done on the front-end of crime prevention, rather than traditional policing.

Kubrin cautioned against drawing too many correlations between criminal justice reform and crime without any hard data.

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