2017 Social Ecology Dean's Inclusive Excellence Awards

July 2017

The committee for the awarding of the Social Ecology Dean's Inclusive Excellence Award for Research --  members: Associate Dean Wendy Goldberg (PSB),  John Dombrink, Equity Advisor (CLS) , and DECADE Faculty mentors Martha Feldman (PPD), Sora Han (CLS) and Azim Shariff (PSB) --  met at the end of Spring quarter, and made our selections for the awards.  The purpose of the awards is to recognize excellence in research that showcases diversity and inclusion.

Doctoral student: Amanda Acevedo, PSB,  and her recently advanced dissertation project,  "Biopsychosocial factors that shape the acute physical pain experience: The role of simpatía," (Sarah Pressman, Associate Professor PSB; and Belinda Campos, Associate Professor Chicano/Latino Studies and PSB, co-chairs)

Faculty (shared):  Susan Bibler Coutin, Professor, CLS ; nominated for Exiled Home (Duke University Press, 2016)
                                Walter Nicholls, Associate Professor, PPD; nominated as co-author of  Cities and Social Movements (Wiley-Blackwell, 2016)

The committee noted that one striking feature about the topics and completed (and ongoing) work of the awardees is how it reflects the interdisciplinarity of work in the School, especially as it impacts vulnerable populations, --Susan Bibler Coutin's book Exiled Home: Salvadoran Transnational Youth in the Aftermath of Violence, and Walter Nicholls's book Cities and Social Movements: Immigrant Rights Activism in the US, France, and the Netherlands, 1970-2015 -- and Amanda Acevedo's nominators spoke of her "innovative dissertation proposal on the role of Latino culture in shaping acute physical pain experience that may be implicated in health disparities" recognize excellence in research that showcases diversity and inclusion: