ICE request for data collection could circumvent local immigrant sanctuary policies

August 2017

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents frequently make arrests at local jails, where they can identify undocumented immigrants before they're released into society. The agents are able to do so because of a program called Secure Communities, which allows them access to local jail bookings.

Even though President Trump reinstated the Secure Communities program in January, some local sanctuary policies limit the cooperation between local jails and ICE agents. But a new data collection system requested by ICE that would collect data from at least 17 sources such as jail bookings, car registrations and credit history could essentially create a nationwide Secure Communities system, Ana Muñiz, an assistant professor of criminology, law and society, told Reveal News.

"Because Secure Communities has been so resisted," Muñiz said, she wonders "if this is a de facto way to create Secure Communities on a national level."

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