Newman quoted in OC Register, "Truth vs. Truthiness: A UCI researcher studies the difference"

November 2014

Eryn Newman, a postdoctoral scholar at UC Irvine’s Department of Criminology, Law & Society who specializes in human memory and decision-making, was recently quoted in the OC Register article, "Truth vs. Truthiness: A UCI researcher studies the difference." Part of the difference [between truth and truthiness] involves visual memory… “Several experiments… show that adding tangential information to a claim – such as photos, or an easy-to-pronounce name – can bias people to think claims are true,” Newman says…

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Interview with Keramet Reiter by Zocalo Public Square

November 2014

Criminologist & Assistant Professor Keramet Reiter studies prisons, prisoners’ rights, and the impact of prison and punishment policy on individuals, communities, and legal systems at UC Irvine. She also has done a great deal of work on solitary confinement. Before participating in a panel on why so many Americans are in prison, she talked about where she goes to be alone, the biggest difference between the students she teaches in prisons and the students she teaches in college, and why swimming is second nature in the Zócalo green room. Read the full interview here.

Center for Psychology and Law Distinguished Fellows

October 2014

The Center for Psychology and Law is honored to welcome the inaugural class of Distinguished Fellows for the 2014-2015 academic year. Fellows will contribute their time and expertise by serving on the Center’s Advisory Board, providing professional mentorship to graduate students, and participating in a special policy briefing. The Fellows include: Honorable Judge Maria D. Hernandez, Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, Park Dietz, and Jennifer L. Keller.

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Dean Jennes receives the 2104 DWC Saltzman Award for Contributions to Practice

Dean Jenness is the 2014 recipient of the American Society of Criminology Division on Women and Crime Saltzman Award for Contributions to Practice.  The Saltzman Award for Contributions to Practice "recognizes a criminologist whose professional accomplishments have increased the quality of justice and the level of safety for women".

Kubrin Honored with Mann Award

October 2014

We are pleased to announce Charis E. Kubrin has been selected by the American Society of Criminology's Division on People of Color & Crime to receive the 2015 Coramae Richey Mann Award. This award recognizes a member of the DPCC who has made outstanding contributions of scholarship on race/ethnicity, crime, and justice. Please join me in congratulating Professor Kubrin for this wonderful recognition of her work!

Kubrin co-authors amicus brief for upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case

September 2014

Professor Charis E. Kubrin co-authored an amicus brief on gangsta rap music for an upcoming rap lyrics case to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. The brief was the focus of several articles including "Rap music scholars aim to educate SCOTUS in threats case" (American Bar Association Journal) and "Justices Get Schooled in Rap" (The National Law Journal).

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello


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