False memories led to guilt admissions in 1989 Nebraska murder

June 2017

In 1989, a Nebraska woman was murdered. Six people were accused; five took pleas and, over the course of suggestive interrogations, came to believe they were guilty. Two generated memories of the crime that embedded so deep they could be vividly recalled decades later.

But none of the six accused were responsible. It was the largest DNA exoneration involving false memory in U.S. judicial history.

Latino students thrive at UCI, which is named a Hispanic Serving Institution

June 2017

Angela Vera, the daughter of a Mexico-born carpenter with a second-grade education, was able to thrive at UC Irvine because of the financial aid, academic support and leadership opportunities at the university.

"I always thought UC was for students up here," Vera, who will complete a double major in criminology, law and society and social ecology next year, told the LA Times. "I never saw myself as capable."

John Hipp wins Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Fostering Undergraduate Research

June 2017

John Hipp, professor of criminology, law and society, has won the 2017 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Fostering Undergraduate Research. The award is a recognition of his outstanding work in mentoring undergraduate students engaged in research. Hipp is the director of the Metropolitan Futures Initiative.

The award is granted by the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.

Two CLS Faculty are amongst recipients of the 21017 CDASA Small Grant Competition

We are pleased to announce that Professor Hipp and Professor Sugie are amongst recipients of the 2017 CDASA Small Grant Competition. 

John Hipp (Criminology, Law & Society) Dimensions of demographic change and neighborhood crime in Los Angeles from 1990-2010

Naomi Sugie  (Criminology, Law & Society) and Rachel Goldberg (Sociology)  Digging into “Big Data”: A Workshop on Analysis of Intensive Longitudinal Data in Social Science Research.